Church condolence for lives lost in Sinai attack

01-02-2015 08:52 PM

Michael Victor


The Churches in Egypt have issued statements of condolence in the wake of the terrorist attack last Thursday waged by Islamist Jihadis in Sinai. The attack claimed more than 30 lives from among civilians, police, and the military.

The Coptic Orthodox Church strongly condemned the terrorist attack and said the Church prayed day and night for the safety and security of Egypt. In its statement, the Church offered heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and to Egypt in its entirety, and asked all Egyptians to join ranks with the country’s leadership to battle terrorism.

The Catholic Church also offered its condolences and deplored the attack which came at a time when Egypt was trying hard to build a democratic, prosperous future. The victim’s blood, the Catholic Church’s statement said, was not shed in vain; it will be the seed out of which a brighter future will spring. “The loss is not new to Egypt,” the statement said. “Egypt has always been mother of the martyrs, a generous land, and a people never brought down by hardship.”

The statement by the Evangelical Church mourned the dead who, the Church said, had been precede by others who offered their lives for the sake of Egypt. “We ask the President,” the statement said, “to take all possible measures to protect the people and the land. We have had enough of patience with those who lost all patriotism and conscientiousness. The people of Egypt have chosen you, Mr President, to put an end to black terrorism which targets the country; we support your every move in that direction and stand as one man in defence of Egypt.”


Watani International

1 February 2015




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