Diocese of the Netherlands and Belgium marks 33rd anniversary, opens new church

23-10-2018 11:51 PM

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Netherlands and Belgium has marked 33 years on the establishment of the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin in Amsterdam as the first Coptic church there. Anba Arseny, Bishop of the Netherlands and Belgium, presided over Holy Mass then opened a charity fair. A number of cultural activities and games followed for Sunday School children.

The congregation gathered around a birthday cake to light a candle marking the beginning of the Diocese’s 34th year.

Serving 750 Coptic families, the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin in Amsterdam serves the largest Coptic congregation in the Netherlands.

The Diocese recently celebrated the opening of a new church named after St Mary and Pope Kyrillos VI, in Leidschendam. It was purchased from the local church. The congregation welcomed Fr Kyrillos Halim who had been ordained last August and arrived at the church after spending the traditional 40-day retreat and training for newly-ordained priests at the Monastery of the Holy Virgin and al-Amir Tadros in the Netherlands. Anba Arseny and the other church priests welcomed Fr Kyrillos to the new church, wishing him a blessed, fruitful service

Watani International

23 October 2018

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