First female Secretary-General of MECC

31-01-2018 11:23 PM

Michael Victor

The first female secretary-general of the Middle East Council of Church (MECC) has been appointed the council’s executive committee. The committee met at Antonin University in Baabda, Lebanon, when Church representatives from all four ecclesiastical families came together to be in community and take up the business of the Council, receive reports from Secretary-General Jalakh and the General Secretariat team, and to move forward several important initiatives.

The Executive Committee appointed an Acting Secretary-General to finish out the term of Secretary-General Fr Michel Jalakh, who was appointed President of Antonine University in August 2017. The Council said it was “thrilled” to welcome Dr Souraya Bechealany as Acting Secretary-General and to celebrate her appointment as the first female secretary-general in the history of the Middle East Council of Churches. Dr Bechealany is on the Research Council of the l’Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth; as such she is delegated to the Faculty of Religious Sciences; Institute of Islamo-Christian Studies, and Higher Institute of Religious Studies.

Watani International

31 January 2018

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