Pope Tawadros meets Coptic youth in the Netherlands

29-08-2014 08:06 PM

Michael victor

Pope Tawadros II is presiding over a conference for Coptic young people in Europe, held at Stads-Canal in Groningen, the Netherlands. Some 800 young men and women are participating.
The Pope arrived in Groningen on Thursday 28 August where he was met by Egypt’s ambassador to the Netherlands Taher Farahat, the Coptic Orthodox Bishop of the Netherlands Anba Arsani, and the Bishop of Youth Anba Moussa.

Friday morning, the Pope presided over Holy Mass and delivered a sermon in which he talked of “life of contentment”. He explained that contentment came from three sources: a personal life of prayer, praise, and close relationship with God; a steady immersion in Bible study so as to be always receptive to the word of God; and regular Communion in Holy Mass. A fair balance of these three ingredients, he said, leads to a life of contentment and joy.

The early afternoon saw the Pope open the youth conference, which is held under the theme: Walking on the Water.  He said that ‘walking on water’ was characteristic of a Christian life, and summed it up in four points: Fight for the right, let your target be an eternal life in Heaven, keep the commandments faithfully, and flee from evil.  

The governor of Groningen met the Pope at the conference where they exchanged gifts. The Pope was also given a gift by the young Copts of Europe, a hand made image of himself which they had themselves made.  

Watani International
29 August 2014


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