The Pope on education in the Coptic Church

06-10-2014 06:07 PM

Mariam Rifaat

Pope Tawadros II has said that the Coptic Church is about to establish a
ecclesiastical council for education, and another for Coptic heritage, as well as a bishopric for childhood and for the Christian family.
“My pleasure lies in serving children,” His Holiness noted, and called
for encouraging young people to constantly read the Holy Bible.
The Coptic Church had lately announced that it was unifying the curriculum of Sunday Schools for children, and stressed the importance of educating them on the Christian level.
In a TV show aired by Egyptian Christian channels during which the Pope replied to questions by the congregation, the Pope was asked whether the Church was planning to establish branches of the Clerical College outside Cairo. Not just yet, the Pope explained, “it’s easy to set up as many branches as we would like, but it’s difficult to find competent teaching staff.”

Watani International
6 October 2014

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