38 years on the Coptic Bishopric of Youth

28-05-2018 11:05 AM

Nevine Gadallah



Friday 25 May 2018, the Bishopric of Youth held a celebration to mark 38 years on its foundation and the 38th anniversary of Anba Moussa as Bishop of Youth.

The celebration was attended by Anba Raphael, Bishop-General of the Downtown churches; members of the clergy from Cairo, Shubra, and Giza, as well as members of the specialised committees.

The celebration witnessed a number of speeches that focused on the achievements of the Youth Bishopric under Anba Moussa, and the screening a documentary on the services and establishment of the Youth Bishopric. This was followed by performing choirs who closed the night with a song: “We love you Anba Moussa”.

Anba Moussa is one of the most widely loved and revered bishops in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Since 1980 he has held the title ‘Bishop of Youth’, and is famous for his understanding and active interaction with young people.

For an interview with Anba Moussa:

[http://en.wataninet.com/features/interviews/christianity-a-way-of-life/16806/ ]

Watani International

27 May 2018


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