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43 nuns take orders

Mariam Rifaat

28 Jul 2015 9:27 pm


At the Convent of Abu-Seifein in Old Cairo, Pope Tawadros II has presided over the ritual prayers for the vows taken by 43 nuns in the Convent of the Holy Virgin and the Archangel Mikhail in Dairout, Assiut, Upper Egypt. The covent was recently recognised by the holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church as a working convent after it met all the requirements placed by the Synod.

Participating in the ritual prayers for the nuns were Anba Barsoum, Bishop of Dairout; Anba Kyrillos, Bishop and Abbot of Mar-Mina Monastery in Maryout; and Anba Yulius, Bishop-General of Old Cairo Churches. Attending the ceremony were also the abbesses of the Cairo convents: Tamav Edrothis of the convent of Amir Tadros; Tamav Kyrea of Abu-Seifien’s; Tamav Thekla of Mar-Girgis’s in Old Cairo; and Tamav Ithnassiya of Mar-Girgis’s in Haret Zweila.


Watani International

28 July 2015 

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