A council for the Churches in Egypt

12-01-2013 09:25 PM

Michael Victor

Bishop Boutros Fahim of the Coptic Catholic Church has declared that the many meetings and the cooperation that was taking place between the various Churches in Egypt over the last weeks

has borne its fruit. “We can now look forward to the establishment of a council for the Churches in Egypt in the near future.” This intention by the three major Churches in Egypt: the Coptic Orthodox, the Catholic, and the Evangelical, will be announced next week during the Week for Prayer for the Unity of the Church, which begins on 18 January. 
Bishop Boutros Fahim said that the council would create a basic system through which the Churches may express common opinion on various political and social issues.
He said that Pope Tawadros II had, through his visits and contacts with the other Churches, assumed an obvious leadership role as head of the largest Church in Egypt, the Coptic Orthodox. Pope Tawadros made it clear that theological questions or differences between the Churches should be left to the theologians to resolve but that, as members of the clergy, “we should focus on supporting the congregation through reciprocal love”.
Watani International
12 January 2013
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