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Anba Moussa in good health

Michael Victor

12 Nov 2015 10:59 am


From his room in a London hospital Anba Moussa, the Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Youth, sent a message reassuring those who love him the world over that he is in good shape after the heart surgery he recently underwent.

Anba Moussa had spent a few days in a Cairo hospital last month following a sudden ailment, where he had a medical check up. He was discharged and advised to take matters slowly and rest. Anba Moussa is known as a dynamic figure who spares no effort to serve the Church and the needs of Coptic youth inside and outside Egypt.

On 9 November Anba Moussa was flown to London upon doctors advice to undergo more check ups. Yesterday he underwent surgery where a stent was implanted in his coronary artery. “I saw on the medical monitor how the blood rushed in my coronary after it was seriously clogged. I thank God for His love, and I thank you all for your true love an prayers,” Anba Moussa texted from his hospital bed.


Watani International

12 November 2015


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