Anba Pachomeus in hospital

24-08-2014 08:18 PM

Mariam Rifaat - Michael Victor

The Council of priests of the Bishopric of Beheira and Pentapolis called for three days of prayer and fasting for the recovery of their bishop, Anba Pachomeus, from the health crisis he is undergoing.
Anba Pachomeus was admitted to hospital three days ago in the wake of a bout of high fever that persisted for about two weeks. Dr Mounir Rizkallah of al-Salam Hospital told Watani that the fever is now under control, but that Anba Pachomeus is undergoing medical investigations.
Pope Tawadros II had paid a visit to Anba Pachomeus, his spiritual father and mentor, in hospital.
Anba Pachomeus, Bishop of Beheira and Pentapolis, is the second most senior bishop in the Coptic Church, the most senior being Anba Mikhail of Assiut who suffers from poor health. Anba Pachomeus was acting patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church between March 2012 when Pope Shenouda III passed away till November 2012 when Pope Tawadros II was enthroned. It was a critical, tumultuous period of time during which Egypt was under an oppresssive Muslim Brotherhood regime. Anba Pachomeus carried his responsibility with such wisdom, dedication, and strength that won him the love and respect of not only the Coptic congregation but also of all Egyptians.

Watani International
24 August 2014

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