Assiut Copt kidnapped for ransom

23-12-2016 07:34 PM

Nader Shukry

The Coptic pharmacist Amir Maurice, 35, was kidnapped from his pharmacy in the village of Deir Tassa in Sahel Selim in Assiut, 350km south of Cairo, at 6pm on Wednesday 21 December.
Two 12-year-old boys who were in the street where Mr Maurice’s pharmacy lies told the police that a white truck stopped by, six masked men disembarked and entered the pharmacy. They came out holding Dr Maurice, forced him into the truck and quickly drove off in the direction of the mountain east of Assiut. This barren , steep mountain of difficult terrain and full of caves is a favourite hideout for outlaws escaping the police.
It is obvious Dr Maurice resisted his kidnapped since his eyeglasses were found broken and his cell phone had fallen on the floor in the pharmacy. He was clearly outnumbered.
A few hours later, the kidnapped contacted Dr Maurice’s family and demanded EGP 5 million in ransom.
Assiut police is working to discover the kidnappers and bring back the pharmacist safely home.
Dr Maurice has a family of a wife and three children.

Watani International
23 December 2016

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