Baby boy born to family of Maggie, 10, victim of Boutrossiya bombing

31-01-2018 11:37 PM

Michael Girgis

Ten-year-old Maggie Mu’men, the bright, vivacious girl with the sunny smile, whose death in the suicide bombing at al-Boutrossiya church in Cairo in December 2016 broke Egyptians’ hearts, now has a baby brother.

Maggie’s mother gave birth to a son, Mina, some two months ago. The baby’s christening was held a few days ago at Boutrossiya church, with General Bishop Anba Ermiya, head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Centre, officiating. Boutrossiya’s priests participated in the ceremony which was attended by several other members of the clergy, a large Boutrossiya congregation, and families of the martyrs who lost their lives in the suicide bombing. The blast claimed the lives of 28 martyrs, 27 women and children and one man, during Sunday Mass on 11 December. Maggie, who was then and there attending Mass with her mother, was the youngest victim.

At Boutrossiya church: Egypt’s heart bleeds

Maggie’s mother gained a reputation for stoicism; she took her daughter’s death very bravely, refused to wear traditional mourning black and opted for white instead and, in a step that reflected a thoroughly positive outlook, directed her energies into volunteer charity work. She spoke candidly of her daughter’s death; her bright smile and voice relayed a strong message of hope.

Watani International

31 January 2018

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