Closer to a unified family law for Egypt’s Christians

14-08-2015 07:52 PM

Mariam Rifaat

The Faith, Legislation and Education Committee of the Holy Synod of the
Coptic Orthodox Church has completed reviewing the Unified Family Law for
Christians. The committee held two long sessions on Wednesday and Thursday 12th and 13th August over which Anba Raphaiel, Secretary of the Holy Synod, and Anba Moussa, head of the Committee presided. The spokesperson of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Father Boules Halim said that the committee will write its report on the matter. This will for handed to a legal committee to prepare a draft law for review by the Holy Synod next November.

Father Boules added that the different Churches in Egypt–the Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical–have agreed that the law should include
separate sections for each sect where marriage and divorce are concerned, but that all articles do not contradict the teachings of the Bible. It is understood that once a marriage contract is concluded by one Church, the married couple abide by the rules of that Church.

The Churches of Egypt are working with the government to have a bill for a unified family law for Christians ready to present to the upcoming parliament once this is elected by year-end. Egypt does not currently have such a law, which leads courts to rule according to Islamic sharia in cases of divorce of Christians.

Watani International
14 August 2015

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