Copt dies in police custody

22-07-2017 11:37 PM

Nader Shukry



West Cairo prosecution is currently investigating the case of Gamal Kamal Eweida, 41 and a Copt, who died in police custody at Manshat Nasser police station.

Eweida had been caught by the police on 18 July on allegations of faking paperwork needed for vehicle licenses. A day later, the police informed his family that he had committed suicide while in custody, by hanging himself on a rope that had been in his trousers from the window of the cell he was imprisoned in.

Eweida’s family had a different story to tell. His brother-in-law Erian Hanna told Watani that Eweida earned a living by offering to help individuals obtain vehicle licenses, for a fee. A police officer insisted that Eweida should split the fee with him; when he refused, Mr Hanna said, the police officer avenged himself by detaining him.

The police say that three other men were detained together with Eweida on the same charges. But Eweida was placed alone in a cell. A policeman said that, when he checked on him he found him dead, hanging by a rope from his cell window.

An investigation is underway; the prosecution is questioning two police officers and a policeman from Manshat Nasser police station. The official after-death report should be out shortly.

Eweida leaves behind a wife and two teenage children.

Watani International

22 July 2017

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