Coptic Church’s new hospital opened by Minya Governor

24-03-2019 11:55 AM

Rimon al-Rawy

Minya Governor Qassem Hussein has officially opened the new hospital Misr al-Mahabba, literally Egypt of Love, in Beni Mazar, Minya. The hospital was built and is operated by the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Participating in the official opening were Anba Danial, Bishop of Maadi and Secretary-General of the Holy Synod, who attended on behalf of Pope Tawadros II; Anba Yulius, Bishop-General of Social Services and Old Cairo Churches; and Anba Aghapius, Bishop of Deir Muwwas and Dalga. Present were also senior officials from the Ministry of Health, Minya local government and security authorities, as well as local politicians.

Governor Hussein gave a speech in which he commended the significant social and health role played by the Church in various fields, benefitting all Egyptians. He highly commended the standard of the new hospital and confirmed the support of the State. The Governor said he wished to see more such high-quality hospitals in other Minya towns.

Located on the Cairo Aswan highway, the main artery that runs some 700 kilometres through Egypt’s Nile Valley from Cairo in the north to Aswan, the southernmost city in Egypt, the state-of-the-art hospital is set to offer quality medical service to Upper Egypt’s population. According to its general manager Moheb Ibrahim, it is built over some 11,400 square metres, rises six storeys high, and features 122 hospital beds, seven international standard operating theatres, 19 outpatient clinics that cater for 17 medical specialisations, 24 dialysis units, and intensive care units that include nine beds for pediatric cases, 20 for adults, and eight for cardiac cases.

Watani International

24 March 2019

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