Coptic melodies on online music sites

31-01-2018 11:21 PM

Marina Barsoum

Lovers of Coptic melodies may now look forward to downloading them from music sites on the Internet.

Renowned deacon and cantor Antoun Ibrahim Ayad has signed a contract with the “RE Media”, owned by the businessman Richard al-Hag, and which specialises in Christian productions. Attending the signing was the company’s Business Development Manager George Fayeq.

The contract aims to publish online both rare and well-known Coptic hymns and melodies chanted by Mr Ayad and his father, the topmost cantor in the Coptic Orthodox Church, Muallim, literally Teacher or Master, Ibrahim Ayad.

The melodies will be posted on websites including anghami, deezer, amazon, itunes and spotify in addition to social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube.

Watani International

31 January 2018

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