Coptic Orthodox Lay Council declares support for Pope Tawadros

07-10-2018 11:52 PM

The Coptic Orthodox Melli (literally Lay or Community) Council has issued a statement last evening announcing its support for Pope Tawadros II against what it described as campaigns of slander and disrespect.

The statement reads:

“There has surfaced lately [on the media and social media] trends that violate all Church and civil laws, and that write about matters which are none of their concern, taking upon themselves the role of judge and insulting the Head of the Church and her religious leaders.

“The Council sees that these actions and writings, with all the violations included in them, are in no way relevant to the system in which the Coptic Church is administered through her heritage and tradition, according to the spiritual and social laws, regulations, and systems established by the early fathers of the Coptic Church.

“The Melli Council therefore strongly rejects these unjustified campaigns motivated by aims that threaten the safety and unity of the Church, her traditions and foundation on the Rock of Ages.

“In this respect, the Council stands by His Holiness the Pope, and fully supports his every move on the patriotic and ecclesiastical fronts, and his societal input in Egypt and in the diaspora.

“The Council calls upon all intellectuals and men of thought across the cultural spectrum to take an invincible stand against factors that lead to division.

“ May the Lord bless our precious Egypt, our Church, and the shepherd of her shepherds and head of her pastors Pope Tawadros II.

Secretary-General of the Melli Council

6 October 2018”

Watani International

7 October 2018

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