Coptic pharmacist killed in Tanta

07-07-2016 06:30 PM

Sanaa’ Farouk- Nevine Gadallah



A 33-year-old Coptic pharmacist, Magdy Attiya Ghabrial, was found dead, his throat cut, in his flat in the mid-Delta town of Tanta on 5 July.

Police investigations indicated the young Copt had had a dispute over financial dealings with a man from the southern province of Sohag. On the evening of 5 July the Sohag man, accompanied by friends, visited Ghabrial. According to witnesses, an argument ensued and escalated into a fistfight. The Sohag man, who was in possession of a knife, attacked Ghabrial and slit this throat.

Tanta police have arrested two suspects who confessed the crime. They are unemployed.

MP Marguerite Azer yesterday visited the family of the deceased in Tanta for condolences. She talked with the investigators and followed up on the details of the crime, upon which she confirmed that the crime was not of a sectarian nature.

 Coptic pharmacist killed in Tant1

Watani International

7 July 2016


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