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Coptic youth seminar in Pennsylvania

Marina Barsoum

23 Jan 2017 7:45 pm


Under the motto “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow”, the Coptic American Canadian Youth Bishopric recently held its fourth bi-annual “Youth and future challenges” seminar in Pennsylvania. Over three days the seminar discussed current and prospective challenges, and participants pondered on how to overcome these challenges within a spiritual, communal and scientific framework. Among the challenges brought up was how to prepare one’s soul for eternal life, as a strategic goal among contemporary daily concerns and difficulties that include finding a life partner, late marriage age, technological progress, social media networks and their impact on the formation and the unity of the family.

Holy Mass was celebrated during the seminar which was also highlighted by a number of workshops, group discussions, fun activities and a stage show. Participants were delighted with the three-day event, and called for more of such meetings which help them get to know each other and exchange hands-on and spiritual experiences, which practically unites them in the body of the Christ.


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