Decisions of the Holy Synod

29-05-2015 09:21 PM

Michael Victor



The annual meeting of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church closed yesterday, Thursday 28 May, with a number of decisions.

The Synod officially recognised the convent of the Holy Virgin in Dairut, and issued regulations to govern the activities of monasteries and convents, abbots, and monks and nuns.

The Holy Synod demanded of all churches to perform the Resurrection enactment on Easter Eve in the traditional ritual without using any sound, light, three-dimensional pictures, or smoke effects.

Recent books or booklet that attribute quotes to Pope Kyrillos VI (patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church from 1959 to 1971), who is now a modern-day saint, were banned by the Holy Synod since there were severe doubts about their authenticity. Some of these quotes are outright contradictory with Orthodox faith and teachings.

Other decisions concerned the encouragement of young couples who intend to get married to take the pre-marriage councelling courses offered by the church; also the formation of a TV committee headed by Anba Bishoi, and a press and e-journalism committee headed by Anba Thomas. 


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29 May 2015


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