Egypt government allocates land for new churches

12-04-2018 05:03 PM

Mariam Adly

Chaired by Mustafa Madbouli, Minister of Housing, the New Urban Communities Authority has approved the allocation of a 1844 square metre plot of land in New Cairo, a satellite town east of Cairo, for erection of a church for the Coptic Evangelical congregation.

Again, in response to applications filed by the Coptic Orthodox Church, the authority approved the allocation of plots of land for the erection of Coptic Orthodox churches in New Assiut, New Sohag, and New Obour, with areas of 3014 sq.m, 3200 sq.m, and 1715.73 sq.m respectively. A 2324 sq.m land was also allocated to the Coptic Catholic Church.

The New Urban Communities Authority stipulated that all procedures related with the construction of the new churches should go in accordance with the law for Building and Restoring Churches that was passed in 2016, and according to the authority’s regulations. In May 2017, the New Urban Communities Authority had drafted a set of regulations, in line with the Law for Building and Restoring Churches, to handle applications to build churches in new towns.

The New Urban Communities Authority allocated eight 40-sq.m plots of land for cemeteries for the Coptic Orthodox bishopric of Oussim, west of Cairo.

Watani International

12 April 2018

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