Electric short circuit causes fire at Beni Sweif church

17-05-2019 08:03 PM

Girgis Waheeb

Thursday 16 May at 8am, directly after Mass concluded, fire erupted at the church of the Holy Virgin at the premises of Beni Sweif Bishopric.

The Bishopric issued a statement assuring that the fire was limited; it was quickly controlled and extinguished, leaving no casualties or injured. The Bishopric conclusively said that the fire was due to an electric short circuit, and thanked the firefighters for their efforts to put out it before it could spread.

In the evening, Beni Sweif Diocese announced that weddings scheduled to be held at the Holy Virgin need not be postponed. Anba Ghabrial, Bishop of Beni Sweif, said Mass this morning as usual at the Holy Virgin’s, and declared he would hold his weekly prayer meeting on Friday evening at the church as customary.

Watani International

17 May 2019

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