First Coptic Mass in Catania church

06-03-2017 08:09 PM

Marina Barsoum

Anba Barnaba, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Rome and Turin recently paid a pastoral visit to the port city of Catania on Sicily’s east coast.
Anba Barnaba started his trip by visiting Monsignor Salvatore Gristina, Archbishop of Catania to thank him for his archdiocese gift of love. The Roman Catholic Church in Catania offered her sister Coptic Orthodox Church a church consecrated to Saint Agatha, the oldest church in Catania.
Anba Barnaba celebrated the first Holy Mass in the new church with Father Pola al-Akhmimi who is in charge of the Catania and South Italy Coptic congregation, as well as Father Samaan Anba Pola, among an elated Coptic congregation.
Father Antonio de Maria the Roman Catholic pastor of the church arrived after Holy Mass to greet Anba Barnaba, the Coptic priests and congregation and congratulate them for the new church. He was received with warm joy.

Watani International
6 March 2017

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