Holy Virgin in Mallawi

05-12-2012 06:02 PM

Robeir al-Faris

Word is getting around in Mallawi, Minya, in Upper Egypt of an apparition of the Holy Virgin above the church consecrated to her and to St Joseph in the village of Ezbet

The locals say they have seen on the evening of 4 December intense lights on the cross above the dome of the church, as well as a luminous white dove—the dove is a symbol of the Holy Virgin in the Coptic Church—hovering around the cross, and a luminous embodiment of the Holy Virgin. It is a fact that doves do not fly during the night.
Romani Fahim who lives next to the church told Watani that the villagers saw the lights and climbed up the roof of the church to check where they came from. Fahim said they then realised it was an apparition of the Holy Virgin. It lasted for a few hours.
Neither the Church nor Mallawi Bishopric has as yet issued any confirmation of the event.
Watani International
5 December 2012
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