In pictures: church at Coptic Hospital in Alexandria completed following 15 years official intransigence

14-03-2018 01:01 AM

It took some 15 years of Coptic persistence to complete necessary works at the church of the Holy Virgin and Mar-Mina at the Coptic Hospital in Alexandria, for the works to be finally completed and the church opened. Coptic attempts to complete the small church during these 15 years were met with intransigence by Alexandria officials who consistently ordered halts to the fully licensed works.

On Saturday 10 March 2018, Anba Kyrillos Ava Mina, Bishop and Abbot of Mar-Mina Monastery in Maryout, southwest Alexandria, visited the Coptic Hospital church, consecrated a new baptismal, and presided over Holy Mass. He was joined by a host of Alexandria clergy and laity who joyfully celebrated the occasion. Also present was the Alexandria Coptic Hospital Director, Adel Mishriqy.

The Coptic Hospital was established in Alexandria in 1953 to serve the poor among the Coptic community, as cited in its founding licence. A group of nuns served there; a small church was established in the hospital for their use in 1959, and has continued to be used for worship ever since. In 1964, the hospital was nationalised and its ownership moved to the State-owned Medical Foundation.

The recently completed works involved the erection of a separate gate and stairs for the church so that it could be accessed by Copts from outside the hospital, also the construction of two new chambers. The works were fully licensed according to permit number 191 for year 2002, and were approved by several officials including the current Alexandria Governor Muhammad Sultan.

Watani International

13 March 2018

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