Killer of two Minya Copts charged with premeditated murder

17-12-2018 11:55 PM

Nader Shukry

Minya Prosecution has today charged Rabie Mustafa Khalifa, the church guard who on 12 December killed two Coptic men in Minya, with premeditated murder. The prosecution also charged Khalifa with weapon embezzlement, for the unauthorised use of his police gun in an illicit act.

Emad Kamal Sadeq, 49, and his son David Sadeq, 21, were shot to death by Khalifa, the

policeman who stood guard of the Evangelical al-Nahda church in Minya, some 250km south of Cairo. The Sadeqs, construction contractors who were working at a site across the street from the church, had a dispute with Khalifa who pulled out his police gun and killed them.

Khalifa was arrested and the crime investigated with the help of the church’s CCTV cameras and the testimonies of the other police guards on the same shift.

The prosecution charged Khalifa with premeditated murder after forensic proof that he fired two bullets at David Sadeq and one bullet at Emad Sadeq, directly killing them.

Watani International

17 December 2018

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