Melbourne street named after Coptic saint

30-04-2018 12:21 AM

Ashraf Helmy

The Coptic community in Australia was pleasantly surprised when authorities in Melbourne named the lane leading to Eporo Tower “St Bishoy Lane”. The Eporo Tower is a cultural and religious centre built by the Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia, and its top floor houses the church of St Verena and St Bishoy, the Coptic saint after which the lane was named.

Eporo Tower was opened in September 2017 by Pope Tawadros II who was then on a pastoral visit to Australia; Bishop Suriel of Melbourne accompanied the Pope during the opening ceremony. Eporo is Coptic for: King [of Peace]

The tower in Melbourne act as a beacon of Coptic culture and activity, and houses the Coptic Church offices and St Athanasius Theological College which is affiliated to the University of Divinity in Melbourne. The tower includes the beautiful St Verena and St Bishoy church, a library, conference centre, study and research facilities, as well as facilities for other services.

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Watani International

29 April 2018

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