Minister of Health meets Pope and al-Azhar Grand Imam

26-06-2018 12:22 AM

Georgette Sadeq

Minister of Health meets Pope and al-Azhar Grand Imam

Pope Tawadros II today 25 June received newly appointed Minister of Health Hala Zayed who wished to discuss cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the Church in the field of health and medicine.

Dr Zayed thanked the Pope for the role the Church is playing through its hospitals and dispensaries, including the performance of surgeries, saying that this works to reduce the waiting lists for surgery in State hospitals. She pointed out that the Church’s service to the community is nothing new, praising both the Church and the Pope’s role in improving the medical system.

Dr Zayed expressed the ministry’s willingness to send medical convoys to rural and poorer areas upon recommendation of the Church.

Pope Tawadros thanked the minister for her visit and congratulated her on her new post, expressing that he it made him very happy to meet her. The Pope told the Minister that, through its Bishopric of Services, the Church conducts public awareness programmes, including battling female circumcision and spreading birth control culture.

Pope Tawadros explained that the Papal Bureau is currently overseeing a new project named “seheti” literally “my health” which aims at building seven hospitals in various places in Egypt. The first of the hospitals has already been built in Faqous in the East Delta Governorate of Sharqiya, the Pope said, with technical aid from the Ministry of Heath.

The Pope broached with Dr Zayed the topic of nursing, stressing its prime importance, and asked the Minister to give it special attention. Dr Zayed replied that the topic was indeed her priority list, as was the issue of mental health.

The meeting concluded on a warmhearted note, with both the Pope and Minister saying they look forward to other such meetings.

Yesterday, 24 June, Dr Zayed visited the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb at al-Azhar headquarters, where she praised the institution’s efforts at cooperating with the State to eradicate Virus C. The Minister pointed out to expected cooperation between al-Azhar and the ministry to support al-Azhar hospitals and provide them with medical needs. She also promised to send medical convoys to underprivileged areas.

The Minister announced an upcoming cooperation with the Egyptian Zakat House with to refine the medical system. The Egyptian Zakat House was established in 2014 to collect donations from Muslims and use these funds to help those in need. The Minister pointed out that she will head along with Sheikh al-Azhar to al-Gurna in Luxor in the coming few days to oversee the provision of health care and medical services to the villagers.

Watani International

25 June 2018

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