New Coptic church in Brighton

14-03-2018 01:18 AM

The Coptic Orthodox Church, represented by Anba Pola, Bishop of Tanta, has received a new church which it purchased in the UK, and named after St Demiana and Pope Kyrillos VI. The church is in Worthing City, Brighton.

Pope Tawadros II had visited the church and blessed the project of buying it, during his visit to the UK in May 2017.

Anba Pola gave a word as he received the church together with members of the Coptic clergy and congregation in England. He thanked Pope Tawadros for his encouragement to go ahead with purchasing the new church, and said it will be prepared for the first services to be held there during Holy Week (Paskha) and the Feast of the Resurrection on 8 April.

Watani International

13 March 2018

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