New Jersey’s Sons of Pope Shenouda mark his anniversary

18-03-2018 09:31 PM

Nevine Gadallah

Pope Shenouda Sons Association in New Jersey commemorated the sixth anniversary for his passing away on 17 March 2012. The event witnessed the participation of a number of Coptic and diplomatic figures. Taking part were General Bishop Anba Botros; Anba David of New York; Papal Deputy Anba Angaelos; Hisham al-Naqib, Egypt’s Consul in New York; Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations Muhammad Edris; MP Nadia Henry; and prominent announcer Tareq Allam.

A large congregation attended, warmly joining in the praise and reminisces about the previous Coptic Orthodox Pope who was the 117th patriarch of the See of St Mark in Alexandria, Egypt. Pope Shenouda III was patriarch during 1971 – 2012, and spearheaded a huge renaissance in the Coptic Church. He led an effective educational movement, modernised the Church, and oversaw its spread worldwide into territories that had never before had Coptic churches or monasteries. Pope Shenouda was a charismatic figure who exuded wisdom, wit, and good humour; as such he was loved and revered not only by Copts, but also by Muslims inside and outside Egypt, to the point were he was called “Pope of the Arabs”.

Watani International

18 March 2018

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