No Coptic protest on 9 September

08-09-2015 09:35 PM

Nader Shukry


The demonstration planned by a group of unknown Coptic activists and scheduled for tomorrow, 9 September, has been called off following a meeting between representatives of the Church and the activists at the Coptic Cultural Centre in Cairo.

Anba Benyamin, Bishop of Menoufiya, presided over the meeting which included Fr Boulos Halim, spokesman of the Coptic Church; Waheed Shenouda, leader of the protesting group; Kamal Zakher, a lawyer and Coptic activist; as well as a number of other activists.

Mr Shenouda appeared in a mellow mood as he left the meeting which he described as fruitful and understanding. He said Anba Benyamin had been receptive and had listened to all the grievances the protestors held against the Church. “His answers were candid and his arguments transparent,” Mr Shenouda said, “and he explained a lot of things about how the Church was already working to resolve many grievances.” As far as the Community Council elections are concerned, it was obvious that the Interior Ministry not the Church was responsible for any delay.

Accordingly, Mr Shenouda said, the demonstration will be called off because, after talking directly to the Church, public protest is irrelevant.


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Watani International

8 September 2015


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