Permits for three new churches

10-10-2016 06:20 PM

Nader Shukry




The New Urban Communities Authority headed by Housing Minister Mustafa Madbouli, has approved the allocation of three plots of lands for the erection of three new churches in New Minya, New Fayoum, and Badr City east of Cairo. The churches in New Minya and Badr City belong to the Evangelical Church, and were allocated plots of land of 1466 square metres and 1651 square metres respectively. The Coptic Orthodox Church was allocated a 2000-square-metre plot of land in New Fayoum to house a new church.

The approval stipulated that each of the three churches must abide by the building regulations for religious buildings, which are stipulated by the Ministerial Decision 232 of year 2009. In case the applicant does not finish construction within the specified period, the allocated plot of land will be returned to the State, in accordance with the regulations. The lands remain the property of the State. Apart from the area used for building the churches, gardens and parking lots may be established, but no walls may be built around the lands. Environment laws regarding the permissible noise levels should be respected. All other permits or approvals should be submitted to the relevant authorities.


Watani International

10 October 2016


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