Pope consecrates and seats new bishops

25-05-2015 12:09 PM

Marguerite Adel

Today, Sunday 24 May, saw Pope Tawadros II consecrate and seat eight bishops for parishes in Egypt and in the Diaspora. Several of the parishes are newly established, split from existing parishes where the congregations have grown so as to warrant a parish of their own.Anba Yu’annis was seated Bishop of Assiut, al-Badari and Sahel Selim, also abbot of the Holy Virgin’s of Assiut’s Western Mountain (Dronka). He succeeds the revered Anba Mikhail who was Bishop of Assiut from 1939 and passed away in November 2014. Pope Tawadros handed him the wooden cross and staff that had belonged to Anba Mikhail who left them to his successor; the staff goes back to his date of consecration in 1946.

Anba Yulius of Old Cairo was entrusted with the care of the Services Bishopric in place of Anba Yu’annis who had since 1996 held that responsibility.Father Bishoi al-Meharraqi was consecrated Bishop of Wadi al-Gadid, a new parish that includes the oases of Egypt’s Western Desert, the University of Wadi al-Gadid, and Toshka in the south of Egypt. He was named Anba Boctor, literally Victor. He has been a monk for 35 years.The regions of Armant and Esna, which had up till now been part of the parish of Luxor, was spun into a separate parish over which Father Bakhoum al-Bakhoumi, a monk for 32 years, was consecrated as Bishop-General Anba Youaqim. Luxor is already under the care of Bishop-General Anba Yousab, in view of the suspension of Luxor Bishop Anba Ammonius.


Father Illarion Ava Mina is now Bishop of East Cairo which includes Almaza and Ezbet al-Hagana. He has been a monk for 23 years, and the Pope explained that his name Illarion means the Smiling One, and that he had been a lawyer before he took orders.Father Hermina al-Baramousi was consecrated Bishop-General of Ain Shams and Matariya, which also lie in eastern Cairo, and was named Anba Hermina. He has been a monk for 15 years before which he was a medical doctor.Father Apollo al-Anba Bishoi who has a degree in commerce, took orders 15 years ago and served the Coptic Church in Vienna, is now Bishop-General of North France. He has been named Anba Marc.

The South of France and Geneva got their own bishop, Anba Luca. A medical doctor who took orders some 30 years ago, Anba Luca already served in Kenya, Belgium, and France.East Canada, the area between Kensington and Nova Scotia, has become a separate parish entrusted to the care of Father Clemendos Ava Mina who was consecrated as Bishop-General. The consecration has taken place in Cairo Sunday, but the seating will be at a later date in Canada. He keeps his name, Clemendos, meaning the clement, as a bishop.The new parish will be the second in Canada; the first is Mississauga and West Canada, with Anba Mina as Bishop.


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