Pope Tawadros consecrates churches in Altena and Unna

21-05-2019 10:14 PM

Michael Victor Rose Hosny Nevine Gadallah

On his current pastoral visit to Germany which began 11 May, Pope Tawadros has consecrated two churches in Nord Rhine-Westphalia region: one in Altena in the name of Archangel Michael, and one in Unna in the names of the Holy Virgin and Abu Seifein (St Mercurius).

In Altena, the Pope honoured Hany Azer, the world renowned Egyptian-born German construction engineer.

Pope Tawadros honours Egyptian-born German construction legend Hany Azer

In Unna Pope Tawadros consecrated the church of the Holy Virgin and Abu-Seifein (St Mercurius). It was the fifth church he consecrated during his pastoral visit to Germany which started on 11 May.

Among the icons consecrated were two depicting Pope Kyrillos VI and Archdeacon Habib Girgis; both were canonised by the Coptic Orthodox Church in 2013.

The Coptic congregation of the church of Abu-Seifein had warmly received the Pope, holding pictures of him that carried the message: “Our father, we love you”. Little girls welcomed him with roses. He smiled joyfully in response to the warm sentiments.

Following Mass, Pope Tawadros honoured Unna’s officials and the officials of the Catholic Church there who had made it possible for the Copts to transfer the originally Catholic Church into a Coptic Orthodox one. He gave them gifts of Coptic icons.

The Pope also presented the Coptic Bishop Anba Mishail, Abbot of the monastery of St Antonios in Kroeffelbach, with an icon of Archangel Michael.

The young people of the church of the Virgin and Abu-Seifein treated the Pope to a play they performed under the title “Stephania”. The play tackles the role of the present day Christians as witnesses of Christ; highlighting the issue of testimony in old and modern times.

Pope Tawadros was received by Unna’s Mayor, and wrote a word in the townhouse guestbook. “Love never fails … May God bless you”.

Watani International

21 May 2019

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