Pope Tawadros honours organ donors

24-04-2019 12:04 AM

Marina Barsoum

Pope Tawadros II has honoured persons who donated their organs to family members; Egypt’s organ donation law is restrictive, but allows donation to relatives.

The honourees were nominated by Al-Ragaa’ (Hope) Centre, which is affiliated to Coptic Bishopric of Services and which contributes together with the various churches towards the cost of organ transplant operations. Al-Ragaa’ Centre is based in Cairo but has more than 80 branches nationwide.

“More than 40 people here,” Pope Tawadros said, “have willingly offered parts of their bodies, including kidneys or livers, to others who needed these organs to live. This is a sign of so much love and tenderness.

“Giving isn’t only about money,” he said, “but the fullness of love in giving a person’s body. Today we honour them in appreciation, hoping to promote a culture of donation of the most precious thing one has.

“We are happy with those who today stand before us with all the love they presented to family members. We thank God because the Church was able to pay all the costs needed for the transplants.”

Pope Tawadros then present gifts to each donor-receiver couple, with warm words of thanks.

Watani International

23 April 2019

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