Pope Tawadros II, in Vienna, to visit Lebanon

26-03-2017 05:46 PM

Nevine Gadallah

The Coptic Orthodox Church in Lebanon is getting ready to receive Pope Tawadros II whose visit to Lebanon is scheduled for next Thursday 30 March

The accompanying delegation will comprise Anba Antonius, Metropolitan of Jerusalem; Anba Bishop, Bishop of Dumiyat (Damietta) and Kafr al-Sheikh; Anba Benyamin Bishop of Menoufiya; and Anba Thomas, Bishop of Qoussiya.

Pope Tawadros will meet the Coptic congregation in Lebanon, and will preside over Holy Mass on Sunday 2 April 2017. He will also check on the establishment of the Monastery of Anba Antonius in Lebanon. 

During his visit, Pope Tawadros will meet the Lebanese Patriarch of the Maronite Church, Beshara al-Raie.


The Pope is already in Vienna on a medical visit for treatment from severe back and leg pains. He had arrived there on Thursday 24 March where he was received at the airport by Egypt’s Ambassador to Vienna Omar Amer Youssef, Consul Muhammad Farag and Anba Gabriel, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Austria.

This medical visit had been planned for last December, but was put off in the wake of the terrorist suicidal bombing at the Boutrossiya church in Cairo on 11 December 2016, which claimed 29 lives.

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26 March 2017
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