Pope Tawadros II visits Canada

05-09-2014 07:28 PM

Michael Victor - Nader Shukry

The last stop on the pastoral tour of
Pope Tawadros II, after The Netherlands and Switzerland, has been Canada. The Pope arrived at Toronto yesterday where he was received at the airport by
Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney who represented Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and a number of Canadian MPs. Also there to welcome Pope Tawadros were Anba Serapion, Bishop of South California; Anba Macarius Bishop of Eritrea; Bishop General Anba Botros; Anba Youssef, Bishop of South America; Anba Youssef, Bishop of Bolivia; Anba David, Bishop of New York, Bishop General and New Jerxey papal deputy Anba Karas; Anba Yulius, Bishop General of Old Cairo; Anba Maqar, Bishop of Sharkiya; Anba Danial, Bishop and Abbot of Anba Shenouda Monastery in Sydney; and papal secretary Father Ammonius Adel.
The Pope inaugurated and consecrated St Mark’s Cathedral in Markham, Toronto. Built on an area of 7100 sq. m., it is  the largest Coptic church outside Egypt, and includes several altars. The Pope presided over Holy Mass once he had consecrated the altars, icons, and all the sacred utensils with Myron–holy oil.
Pope Tawadros paid a visit to the Coptic Museum in Toronto where he was guided on a tour of the exhibits which he greatly admired.







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