Pope Tawadros in Zurich

14-05-2019 03:35 PM

Nevine Gadallah

Following a three-day pastoral visit to Düsseldorf, Pope Tawadros II today flew to Zurich for a visit to Switzerland.

The Pope was received at the airport by Egypt’s ambassador to Zurich, Hisham Seifeddin; Anba Gebrail, Bishop of Austria and Zurich, as well as officials of the Egyptian Embassy.

Other Coptic Orthodox bishops in the Diaspora also flew to Zurich. These included Anba Serapion, Metropolitan of Los Angeles; Anba Arseny, Bishop of The Netherlands; Anba Luka, Bishop of Paris and Northern France; Anba Giovanni, Bishop of Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland; and Anba Antonio, Bishop of Milano and Abbot of Monastery of Anba Shenouda in Milano, Italy.

Watani International

14 May 2019

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