Pope Tawadros opens language School in his hometown of Damanhour

09-09-2018 11:01 PM

Islam Abul-Wafa

Pope Tawadros II, accompanied by Beheira Governor Hisham Amna, has opened al-Karma Language School in Damanhour, the capital city of Beheira governorate west of the Nile Delta.

The school was established by the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Beheira over an area of 4,500 square metres, at the cost of EGP30 million which do not include the price of the land, and is equipped with state-of-the-art educational facilities.

It includes preschool classes, as well as primary, preparatory, and secondary school classes, and has accepted pupils for the upcoming scholastic year which starts this month.

Pope Tawadros gave a word in which he stressed the importance of having more schools that offer the new generation not only knowledge but a sound, enlightened education.

Anba Pachomius, Metropolitan of Beheira, maintained that the school reflected the Church’s interest in serving the community, especially in the field of education.

For his part, Governor Amna welcomed Pope Tawadros in Beheira and praised his numerous patriotic stances, and said that Egypt was in need of more schools like al-Karma in order to achieve excellence in education.

Pope Tawadros, who was born in 1952, was raised and schooled in Damanhour where he obtained his secondary school certificate, after which he earned a degree in Pharmacy from Alexandria University. Following years of a successful career as a pharmacist he took orders in 1989 and was later consecrated as General Bishop in 1997. He went back to Damanhour to serve under Anba Pachomius till he became Pope in 2012.

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9 September 2018

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