Pope Tawadros staunchly supports Church health services for all

21-01-2019 11:29 PM

Nevine Kameel

As an active contributor to the community in Egypt, the Coptic Orthodox Church is known to offer affordable medical services through its hospitals in various places throughout the country. These hospitals provide high-quality service equally to all Egyptians, Muslims and Copts, rich and poor, especially the needy.

The Coptic Church hospitals in Alexandria were the focus of discussion in a meeting between Pope Tawadros and representatives of the general secretariat of Alexandria hospitals, a number of public hospital managers, supervisors the Church’s hospitals. Attending was Muhammad Abu-Suleiman, first Deputy to the Minister of Health in Alexandria.

Pope Tawadros expressed his staunch personal support of mercifully securing health services to the needy through the Church’s hospitals.

According to Fr Abra’am Emil, deputy of the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of St Mark in Alexandria, a document was ratified that regulates collaboration between the Coptic Church’s hospitals and the Health Ministry, with a view to guaranteeing patients the highest possible quality medical service, and ensuring this service is accessible and affordable to the needy.

The document included provisions for the treatment of priests and their families at reasonable costs in exchange of monthly fees paid by the priests. In case of monks or nuns, the monthly subscription is paid by the monastery or convent.

Watani International

21 January 2019

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