Praying for the unity of the Church

12-02-2017 08:46 PM

Michael Victor

Churches of all denominations in Cairo have started an 11-day-long event of prayer for the unity of the Church. The event is annual and is held under the title: “Week of Prayer for the Unity of the Church”. Every evening, a prayer service is held in one of Cairo’s various churches; Sundays see no special service but all churches raise their own prayers for Church unity. The last day of the event, Thursday 22 February, is a ‘Youth Day’ at the Coptic Orthodox Church of Mar Girgis (St George) in Manial, Cairo.
This year’s event is held under the motto: “The love of Christ compels us towards reconciliation (2 Cor 5: 14-20 )”. Taking part in the event are: the Evangelical church in Heliopolis, the Episcopal All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek, St Joseph’s Maronite church in Dhaher, the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Family, the Coptic Orthodox Mar-Mina church in Fomm al Khaleeg, the Coptic Catholic Church of St Mary and St Stephen, the Coptic Orthodox Church of the Holy Virgin and St Athanasius, and the Coptic Orthodox Mar-Girgis church in Manial.


Watani International
12 February 2017

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