St George’s relics in Mississauga’s church of St Mina

19-09-2018 11:22 PM

Marina Barsoum

In great celebration, the Church of St Mina and Pope Kyrillos VI in Mississauga, Canada, last Sunday received relics of Mar-Girgis (St George). Anba Mina, Bishop of the Diocese of Mississauga, Vancouver and western Canada, presided over the ceremony of receiving the relics, , anointed them with sweet spices, and placed in the reliquary prepared especially for that.

A large congregation attended, and a number of priests participated in the ceremony. The deacon choir chanted praises for St George.

The relics of St George’s had for several years lain at the house of the Coptic lay minister Ihab Boutros till he informed the church and handed them over.

Watani international

19 September 2018

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