The Pope with the children

02-02-2016 08:21 PM

Marina al-Qiss Barsoum


Throughout the month of February, Pope Tawadros II will be recounting to children episodes that run on the theme of the story ‘The dream of the three trees’. The Coptic satellite channels CTV, Aghapi, ME Sat and Kogi will air the daily episodes which focus on the concept that God works through and with us.

The Pope’s gatherings with the children and the story telling come within the awareness programme planned and carried out by the Media Centre of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Every month the Media Centre launches a theme representing a positive behaviour and pursues it through Christian and human values, urging Copts of different ages to embrace it in order to instil it within the Coptic community.

Before becoming Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church in November 2012, Pope Tawadros had had a thriving ministry with young people and especially children.



Watani International

2 February 2016

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