Victims of terrorist attack re-buried at St Samuel’s

27-07-2017 05:05 PM

Nader Shukry


Three bodies of victims who were martyred in the Islamist terrorist attack against busloads of Copts heading to the Western Desert Monastery of St Samuel the Confessor on 26 May have been reburied in a collective tomb especially built for the victims at the monastery. The three bodies were received by the monks and deacons who formed a procession that led the coffins to the tomb, to melodies of hymns and praises.
The three came from Minya, some 250km south of Cairo. Two were brothers: Girgis and Kyrillos Mahrous from the own of al-Edwa; the third was Magdy Edward Naguib from the town of Maghagha. After they had died they were buried in their respective family tombs, but their bodies have now been moved to the martyrs’ tomb at the monastery. The tomb already contains the bodies of eight other victims of the same terrorist incident, who came from Beni Mazar, also in Minya.
The terrorist attack against the Copts on 26 May had left 28 dead. They came from Maghagha, el-Edwa, Deir al-Garnous, Beni Mazar, and Abu-Qurqas in Minya; and from Ezbet Hanna in al-Fash, BeniSweif some 100km south of Cairo.

Killed on identity


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