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Vienna church keys handed to Coptic Church

Nevine Gadallah

20 Apr 2016 4:35 pm


The Coptic congregation in Vienna was elated when Anba Gabriel, Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Austria, was recently handed the keys of the church of Mary the Victorious in Vienna, which now became the Coptic church of the Holy Virgin and Archangel Michael. The Austrian church which dates back to 1870 and is considered among Vienna’s touristic site, was offered by the Catholic Church in Vienna to her sister Coptic Church with which it enjoys exemplary relations.

As soon as the church moved into the hands of the Coptic Church, Anba Gabriel held prayers of thanksgiving and praise for its new patrons, the Holy Virgin and the Archangel Michael.



Vienna church keys handed to Coptic Church 3

Vienna church keys handed to Coptic Church 2


Watani International

20 April 2016

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