Ahead of New Year and Coptic Christmas, Egypt police kill eight Hasm terrorists

23-12-2018 09:56 PM

Nader Shukry

With Islamist terrorists notorious for waging attacks against churches on New Year and religious feasts, the police have conducted preemptive measures against terrorist groups.

A statement by the Ministry of Interior informed that the police have killed eight “high risk terrorists” and arrested four others in separate shootouts and security raids around Cairo and Giza. The terrorists belong to Hasm group, a group affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The statement said they had received orders from MB leaders outside Egypt to attack Christian targets during the Christmas and New Year season. Copts celebrate Christmas on 7 January.

The statement explained that National Security had got a lead that Hasm had received orders to attack Copts, Egyptian public figures and vital state facilities. Accordingly, the statement said, the police tracked the terrorists and raided their hideouts in Cairo and Giza. The encounters with the terrorists involved shootouts during which eight terrorists were killed. Others escaped through the desert Giza-Wahat road and are being pursued by the police.

The police has seized from the terrorists and their hideous arms, ammunition, electric circuits and material used to manufacture improvised explosive devices.

Watani International

23 December 2018

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