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Beni Sweif Copts attacked on suspicion of building church

Nader Shukry Girgis Waheeb

22 Jul 2016 9:39 pm

Today Friday 22 July has seen an attack against the Copts of the village of Saft al-Kharsa in Beni Sweif, 100km south of Cairo. The police was able to contain the attack and protect the Copts.

An eyewitness told ++Watani++ that Muslim fanatics in the village spread a rumour that a timbre workshop belonging to the Copt Nadi Yacoub would be converted into a church. This led to the gathering of an extremist mob after Friday noon prayers; they attempted to wage an attack against the Coptic villagers. Crying ++Allahu Akbar++ (Allah is the Greatest), they threw stones at several Coptic houses, destroyed the facade of a house owned by Faheem—an in-law of Yacoub—and a car that belongs to Yacoub. The police arrived and dispersed the fanatic demonstration using tear gas. They caught four Copts and are currently questioning them, as well as several Muslims the exact number of whom is not yet known.

The village is home to 50 Coptic [extended] families, and includes no church. The nearest church is 12km away in the village of Abu-Bushra.

Watani International
22 July 2016


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