Boutrossiya victims travel for treatment at expense of State

23-12-2016 06:33 PM

Georgette Sadeq

Dr Sherif Wadie, Health Minister Advisor for Emergency and Critical Care, told

Watani that Health Minister Ahmed Emad Eddin has decided that four of the injured during the Boutrossiya blast would travel abroad for medical treatment not available in Egypt, at expense of the State.

He said that a three-person committee formed by the Health Ministry had taken that decision. The cases selected suffer from critical problems in the vertebral column, extensive facial injury or bone damage. The Ministry is in the process of contacting hospitals in Germany, France and England to choose where the patients could best be treated.

A suicide bomber had blown himself up on Sunday 11 December in Boutrossiya church in Cairo during Holy Mass. The blast claimed 27 lives and left some 50 injured, several of them in critical condition.

The bomber was identified as the 22-year old Islamist Mahmoud Shafiq Mustafa. Three of his accomplices, two men and a woman were caught.

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