Celebrating religious occasions together

30-12-2014 12:59 PM

Tereza Hanna

A number of young men and women from Minya, Upper Egypt—some 250km south of Cairo–called on Facebook for a popular campaign under the title: Let’s celebrate together”.The aim is to unite Christians and Muslims in celebrating Coptic Christmas (on 7 January) and the Birthday of the Muhammad, two occasions which this year fall three days apart.

The young sponsors of this campaign launched a number of activities to urge every Egyptian to ask himself or herself, “why don’t I celebrate with my neighbour who belongs to a different religion? Why don’t we share eating together, or go on a picnic together?

Among the clauses they used: “Let’s go out and share joy”, and “Let’s love each other not by words but by deeds”. 


Watani International

30 December 2015

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