Coptic boy kidnapped in Minya back home

19-04-2016 02:48 PM

Nour Seifein

After 12 days of agony, the 13-year-old Antonius Nawwar who was kidnapped by unknown men in front of his school in the Minya village of Manshat Minbal, Mattai, []

has been returned to his family unharmed.

The schoolboy was found and returned by the police. As soon Antonius appeared in the village, accompanied by a security officer, the village erupted in a euphoria of celebration.  A typical ++zaffa++ (procession) quickly formed, and the boy was taken home to the accompaniment of joyful ululations, songs, and drums.

No details have yet emerged as to the identity and purpose of the kidnappers, or to the manner in which Antonius was liberated and brought home.


Watani International

19 April 2016



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